On this page you’ll find articles we’ve written for newspapers, websites, and blogs.


Political Debate in the Digital Age
Fabienne Peter for Open for Debate. (February 2020)


Epistemic Norms for the New Public Sphere
Natalie Alana Ashton for Imperfect Cognitions (December 2019)

Norms for Political Debate
Fabienne Peter interviewed for Imperfect Cognitions (December 2019)

How to Build a Safer Internet
Natalie Alana Ashton for Open for Debate (November 2019)

Monster or Guru? What Dominic Cummings’ Blog Tells Us About Him
Jonathan Heawood for The Guardian (August 2019)

Twitter Is Right To Have Special Rules for Donald Trump
Fabienne Peter for The Conversation (July 2019)

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Internet Regulation?
Jonathan Heawood for Media@LSE (April 2019)