Workshop with Doteveryone

This workshop was held in collaboration with project partners Doteveryone at their offices in Somerset House, London.

10am Introductory Roundtable

The Idea of a Democratic Public Sphere of Equal, Diverse Deliberators: The ‘Norms for the New Public Sphere’ Project and Its Role
(Rowan Cruft, Jonathan Heawood, Fabienne Peter)

11.20am Break

Equality and Diversity of Participation in Practice (Samantha Asumadu)
Non-elite Voices and Media Regulation (John Steel)

12.40pm Lunch

Regulating for Responsible Technology (Catherine Miller)
Political Openings For Current Media Policymaking (Damian Tambini)

2.45pm Break

State Boundaries and a Global Democratic Public Sphere? (Georgia Popplewell)
States and Propaganda (Idrees Ahmad)

4.15pm Concluding Discussion